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2003 - November 2, 2006
A beautiful spirit has left us

Gaby is now with the angels. She left this world on her own terms, as it was the only thing in her short life she had any control over. Gaby asked for nothing in life but to be loved and cared for.

Her previous owners failed on both counts. It was only after into rescue that she finally found the love she had been waiting for all of her brief life. She was not given the most basic of care and not even vaccinated. When she came to us her little body was already ravaged by the residual effects of the distemper virus and she was plagued by seizures and pain. Although she survived distemper, the disease had taken its toll on her. She also tested high for erlichia, a blood disease from ticks.

Tests also showed that she had her jaw broken at one time and her back leg, although operated on, never healed. Her life became one of pain and illness and her previous owner did nothing but eventually dump her in a shelter to die. No matter how hard we tried to save her and make her well, her body was just to broken to mend. She had many vets working with her but the prognosis was always poor.

Gaby finally found love with her foster mom who worked so hard to care for her. We had made the decision to set her free, but Gaby had plans of her own.

On Thursday, November 2, she went outside with her foster mom and her pug friends and laid down in the grass in the warm sunshine. She came to her foster mom and told her she was ready to say goodbye. Her foster mom picked her up, and as Gaby looked into her eyes she took two breaths and was gone. She left this world wrapped gently in love as she had entered it.

We will never forget you Gaby, rest sweetly precious girl.


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