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Home at Last! This page is for updated stories from adopted Pugs. We want to know how they are doing :) So send us a picture and a little blurb on how your little guy/gal is doing and we'll post it on the site.

Willie The Pug

Before and After

Here is our home at last story... We adopted Frodo this August after our beloved Otis died in June. I was skeptical about getting a dog so soon but my husband insisted. He found Frodo on the Homeward Bound Pugs website and scheduled a visit to meet him. As soon as he trotted in our front door I fell in love with him. Now I can't imagine life without the little stinker! He goes to work with me everyday and greets every client that comes in the door, they all love him. Over the holiday weekend he went camping in the motorhome, boating, and scooter riding. His curly tail was wagging all weekend long. Thank you so much for the opportunity to adopt such a great dog.


Willie The Pug

Before and After

We adopted Willie on March 4th, 2007, and he has been wonderful. He is the most friendly dog I have ever owned. He has been my best friend since I got him, and his loyalty is amazing. He still cries when I leave in the mornings! Willie has a step-brother and step-sister that live with my parents, and he gets to visit them on the occasions when we are out of town. Willie loves nothing more than to give everyone he sees kisses until they can't take it anymore. He is just too adorable. It has been great to have him around for the holidays and I look forward to having him lay on the couch with me every day for a long time! Thank you again whoever decided to give up this sweet boy. I don't know what I would do without him.

Kyle S.

A Prince Lives Happily Ever After

Chance Chance
Before and After

It was October 19, 2003. I logged into Pugstories.org to catch up on the day’s events. Under the Rescued Pugs heading there was a story written by the Administrator, whose name is Mary. I will never forget it; the title of the thread was “Where do I begin?” It told of her Rescue help in transporting a Pug from St. Louis to Wisconsin for Homeward Bound Pugs in Oklahoma. During this mission she learned that a 2nd Pug had been placed with the family that was to adopt Chance. This family had “Chance” for only 24 hours and decided he wasn’t for them. Instead of getting in touch with Gail, President of Homeward Bound, and advising her of the dilemma, they decided they were just going to find another situation for Chance. It most likely would have been a shelter for this sweet young boy. Luckily Mary’s sixth sense took over and she sent her Husband to re rescue Chance from these people.

Chance’s story was told in this thread of how he came into Rescue. He had been plucked out of traffic on a busy street in Oklahoma by a feed store worker and taken inside just seconds before Gail walked into this store by chance for the very first time. This is how he got his name.

Mary had a houseful of pugs and now would have a new baby as Chance was less than a year old at the time. She swore she would take care of him for Gail until the perfect home was found. Gail was devastated at this turn of events and felt that she had let Chance down but it wasn’t so. Mary posted his picture in her photo album and I clicked on it and it was literally love at first site. I cried thinking of him walking the streets alone and eating food from garbage cans. I couldn’t fathom someone not being just heartsick over losing this baby and looking for him. I emailed Mary about him and by the end of that week I was on a plane from California to Wisconsin to claim my baby boy whose name was elongated to Chancellor befitting the Prince that he is. This story could just have easily had a sad ending but like in the Fairy tales ... Prince Chancellor Lives Happily ever after with his Sister Princess Eliette and their Royal Mommy and Daddy!!

Moki and Teenie

(Moki and Teenie - Before)

When I first saw Moki (aka. M, aka. Moki Fanoki) and Teenie (aka. Little, aka. Teenie Galini, aka. T), I knew I needed to save them. Moki could hardly walk and was falling down after each step she took. Teenie was so exhausted and, knowing her as I do now, she was probably scared to death. I can not thank Gail, Joy, anyone and everyone associated with HBPR enough for giving us the chance to have these little girls in our lives. They are a perfect addition to our Pug and Beagle (who is an honorary Pug) family.

It has been an absolute joy to be able to witness the transformation of two dogs that were in such poor health, to the loving and playful girls they are today. T is still a little shy and runs out the dog door when it's time to go to bed. But she is getting better each day. M is going for walks around the neighborhood like she owns the block. It's like she knows exactly what to do and where to go.

As I am writing this, all four dogs are running around the yard, in and out the dog door, and barking and playing like crazy. Dogs rule!


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