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Jake came into rescue as a stray in October 2003. Poor little guy had mange, a deformed jaw and a severe under bite. He was only four years old but nobody wanted him because he was not pretty enough and had some hair loss. We thought he was beautiful and were soon to find out how truly beautiful he was. Jake was the sweetest boy you would ever want to meet. Everyone that came in contact with him fell in love with his sweet face and gentle spirit. Jake went to his forever home in November to live with his new mommy Lisa and her son Ilya. Jake soon became Ilya’s best friend and followed him everywhere.  No dog was more loved than Jake and he was a very happy boy. We received pictures almost every week of him and Forrest who was adopted with him.

On Saturday evening, January 24, Jake was sleeping peacefully next to his Mom like he frequently did, but his mom noticed that he looked funny and she couldn’t wake him up. Our precious Jake died 20 minutes later in her arms. It appears he suffered an aneurysm and nothing could have been done to save him.  Although his time with us was cut short, I believe he lived a lifetime in the few weeks that he spent with his new family.

Jake: You came into our lives for a brief moment, but you will remain in our hearts forever.

Love, Gail, Lisa, Ilya, Joy and Lisa.



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