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Lily Layman

August 8, 1996-April 5, 2006

Forever in our hearts

Mom and Dad, don’t cry for me
I’m exactly where I ought to be
God called me home and gave me wings
But before I left, he gave me things

He gave me a family, who loved me so much
And hands that gave a sweet gentle touch
He took me away from the life I had led
And gave me good food and a soft cozy bed

Sisters to play with and a brother to love
He did this for me from his throne up above
Such wonderful gifts that I have received
So please don’t cry and for me grieve

My work here is done and we have to part
But I will always be a part of your heart
Remember me with a smile, not a tear
I’m not far away, but forever near

In the sun and the wind and the stars in the sky
This is just for the moment, not a final goodbye
We will meet again, but until then I will wait
On the fluffiest cloud, by the rainbow bridge gate.


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